Man at rodeo, cover image from "Bucking on the Rez"

NYU News Doc
Film Festival 2024

February 2rd – 3rd, 2024

Join Us…

Cantor Film Center (CANT)

36 East 8th Street, New York NY 10003

Celebrating the thesis documentaries produced by the NYU Journalism NewsDoc grad students

From the pursuit of spirituality and healing in the life of a Tibetan nun to the dreams of a Rohingya refugee seeking education, these films explore resilience, identity, and the human spirit. Themes of reconnection, cultural defiance, and the impact of media bias unfold against diverse backdrops, from the Armenian diaspora to the Uyghur experience in Boston. Witness the power of dreams and the triumph over limitations in the lives of disabled individuals finding ways to assert their physical strength. This collection encapsulates a shared human experience, transcending borders to celebrate the strength, diversity, and interconnectedness of the human journey.

Screening Schedule

Day 1

February 2nd, 6:00 pm EST – Opening Remarks by Marcia Rock

February 2nd, 6:20 pm EST – Karma Yeshi – by Tenzin Zompa

February 2nd, 6:55 pm EST – A Dream Called Khushi – by Rishabh Raj Jain

February 2nd, 7:35 pm EST – Nancy Joy – by Franky Dean

February 2nd, 8:00 pm EST – Restless Soles – by Samyu Sridhar


Day 2

February 3rd, 1:00 pm EST – Beyond the Headlines – by Alexa Sarci

February 3rd, 1:35 pm EST – MOVE – by Chris Cornejo

February 3rd, 2:10 pm EST – Endless Exile – by Mano Baghjajian

February 3rd, 2:45 pm EST – Whispers of Hope – by Keren Heron

February 3rd, 3:20 pm EST – Safari – by Seyeon Bang

February 3rd, 4:05 pm EST – Shattered Expectations – by Crispin Kerr-Dineen

February 3rd, 4:45 pm EST – Bucking on the Rez – by Ziyi Xu

February 3rd, 5:30 pm EST – MY LENS, MY LAND – by Ke Chen


A Sincere Thank You to our Faculty and Staff:

Marcia Rock | Jason Samuels | Jane Stone | Jason Maloney

Ross Barkan | Mary Manhardt | Shimon Dotan | Adrian Mihai

Aviva Slesin | Joe Peyronin | James Berry | Yunbo Wu