In All Fairness

Richa Sanwal

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Airs March 22nd, 2016
Set in India, In All Fairness explores the deep rooted prejudice against dark skin color. The personal journey of the filmmaker and her struggles with the bias coming from her Dadima (grandma), trigger an exploration of sorts. She discovers the challenges of her domestic help, Mausmi, who resorts to the application of fairness creams and the ever increasing pressure famous actress Nandita faces in Bollywood for being dark skinned.
Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Screenwriter, Editor: Richa Sanwal
Additional Support & Camera: Rajan Luthra
Composer: Antonio Truyols
Special Thanks: Rakesh Sanwal, Renuka Sanwal, Rahul Sanwal, Simer Motiani, Rajesh Thind, Khadjia Ejaz, Samoneh Dashti
Cast: Mausmi, Nandita Das, Richa Sanwal, Pushpa Sanwal
About the Director
Richa Sanwal has been involved with social issues for a long time, working on rural education, women empowerment, homeless people in India. She was producing shows for New Delhi Television aka NTDV until she joined NYU to learn documentary filmmaking. In All Fairness is Richa’s quest to find an answer to the long standing skin color bias that plagues the Indian society.