Ladies Only

by Veda Shastri


by Veda Shastri

Getting where you’re going without getting harassed. That’s what’s driving a new generation of Indian women to become taxi drivers-for women only. Enter their world as they negotiate New Delhi’s divided public transport spaces.

Director & Cinematographer: Veda Shastri

Additional Filming: Priyanka Pant

Production Support: Priyanka Pant, Rajkumari, Prerna Seth, Kartik Shastri, Vanita Shastri, Venkatesh Rao

Original Score: Zhen Qin

Special Thanks: Azad Foundation, Meenu Vadera, Suneeta Dhar

About the director:

Veda Shastri is a documentary filmmaker and immersive journalist. She is currently a producer of The Daily 360 at The New York Times. She previously lived in New Delhi, India and worked for CNN-IBN for 5 years.

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