A World (Without Me)

Benedetta Cutolo

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The World (Without Me)

Saturday, February 3 @ 12.30PM

By Benedetta Cutolo

What would you do if one of your deceased relatives announces you, in a dream, that 2017 would be the last year of your life? What if, at the beginning of that same year, you are diagnosed with a chronic disease? Obliged to face the hypothetical fulfillment of her dream, filmmaker Benedetta Cutolo decided to confront one of the strongest taboo of the Western society: our fear of mortality. Inspired to find answers, she embarks on a journey where she finally finds an entire world ready to talk about death (well, more or less..).


Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor: Benedetta Cutolo

Addition Support:
Zaira Garcia Romero

: Jennifer Rowekamp

Special Thanks to
: Zaira Garcia Romero, Virgilio Cutolo, Isabella Palombini, Anna Iacovino, Francesco Garruba, Marina Sozzi, Beth Wallace, Caroline Dent

About the director:

Italian filmmaker Benedetta Cutolo has travelled and worked in many places around the world including France, Italy and the US. After a three years experience in a production company in Paris, she moved to New York to take the camera and tell her own stories. “The World (without me)” is her first documentary as a director.


Contact the Director:  b.cutolo@gmail.com / bc2337@nyu.edu