Boys Will Be Boys

Anna Perczak

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Screens Saturday, February 6 @ 4:00 PM

Football is a game built on domination and violence. But when troubling incidences of domestic abuse and sexual assault among players make headlines, die-hard female fans must grapple with their love for a game that may not love them back.  A sexual assault survivor named Katherine, former athletes and fans work to treat the problem at its root: locker rooms full of swagger but lacking in respect.


Director: Anna Perczak

Additional Support & Camera: Bryce Norbitz, Kristopher Brant, Jason Ellinwood, Steve Mendelsohn

Music: Alexander Rodriguez

Special Thanks: National Coalition Against Violent Athletes, Mentors Against Violence Prevention, Katherine Redmond Brown, Dan Lebowitz, Tribeca Film Institute (Alex Hannibal, Bryce Norbitz), Boston PD & Superintendent-in-Chief William Gross, Fordham Football & Joe DiBari, the Perczak family, Karyn & Arthur Mendelsohn, Marcia Rock, and NewsDoc Class of 2015.

Cast: Tanya Spaulding, Monica Stewart, Tiha Richardson, Joycelyn Jones, Alexis Kern, Katherine Redmond Brown, Officer Jorge Diaz

About the Director

Anna Perczak is originally from Denver, CO.  She graduated from Northwestern University with a B.A. in Theater and Sociology, before moving to New York in 2009 to work in narrative theater and film.  She is new to the non-fiction game, and very proud to share with you her first short film. Anna is a proud associate artist with UglyRhino Productions in Brooklyn and is currently a production assistant & researcher with CNN Health & Dr. Sanjay Gupta.  She is a lifelong Denver Broncos fan, and yes, very nervous about the upcoming Super Bowl.

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