People's Hospital of China

Siyi Chen

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Screens Saturday, February 6 @ 1:10 PM

12 ER doctors on duty for a population of 430,000. They spend, on average, 3 minutes on each patient (not if you’re dying!) and get paid around $1000 monthly. Patients go home, not able to afford the treatment. Doctors carry pepper spay to work, protecting themselves from angry patients. This is what’s happening in this small-town hospital in Southeast China –  one of thousands of Chinese hospitals where doctors and patients are becoming victims of the broken healthcare system.


Director, Cinematographer & Editor:Siyi Chen
Original Music:Dong Liu

About the Director

Daughter of a doctor, Siyi spent a big chunk of her childhood in the hospital.  But this familiar space is becoming more and more strange to her. Seeing the working conditions for doctors deteriorating and hearing her mom’s schoolmate murdered by crazy patients, Siyi decided to take a closer look at the hospital in China today. She spent three months in this ER to find an answer — what went wrong? People’s Hospital of China is Siyi’s first documentary. Besides making documentaries, Siyi is also a visual journalist interested in multi-media storytelling.

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