Yangdidi: Taken By The Wind

Kelsey Doyle

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Screens Saturday, February 6 @ 4:35 PM

Even after a super typhoon severely damaged the outer islands of YAP, Micronesia, vociferous community leader of the Ulithi Atoll, John “Junior” Rulmal, is determined to stay and preserve their way of life.  By seeking out the help of spearheading marine biologist, Nicole Crane, and her science team’s cutting edge approach of combining science with tradition, the outer islanders just might be able to save their reefs and reunite the atoll.


Executive Producer: Marcia Rock

Producer: Hawks Peak Productions

Original Score: Erik Delong

Directer: Kelsey Doyle

Editors: Jeanne Applegate, Kelsey Doyle

Assistant Editors: Sandra Doyle, Juhui Kwon, Jonathan Karam

Camera Assistant: Amalia Crane, Samantha Stone

Technical Support: Michael Shade, Adrian Mihai

Special Thanks: The Oceanic Society, NOAA, NSF, Bluecology, UCSC, UBC, NATAS, Cora Daniels, Kirsten Johnson, Jason Maloney, Jason Samules, David Spungen, Marcia Rock, and the NewsDoc Class 2015.

About the Director

Growing up in the beautiful coastal redwood forests of Santa Cruz, California, Doyle’s inspiration began when she started making Steve Irwin inspired videos in her backyard with her father’s video camera. From that point on, Doyle’s passion for filmmaking as a way to address environmental issues grew. Taking a video production and environmental science in high school pushed her to pursue a career as an environmental documentary filmmaker and photographer. Her breadth of work a documentary filmmaker and video journalist includes pieces for the UN, Filmmaker Magazine, IFP, Bureau of International Reporting, Vice, Partisan Pictures, PBS, NY1, New York Magazine, and Storyhunter.

Contact the Director

Email: kelseycdoyle@gmail

Website: yangdidithedoc.com