Aging Out

Xin Liu

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Screens Saturday, February 7 @ 2:55 PM
The story shows the human sacrifice of 140 million migrant workers behind the boom of China’s economic growth. It follows the story of a migrant worker Xiangwu, who left his rural home and came to city for work in 1991. Two decades later, he is 42, aging out of China’s economic boom. Without money, wife and child, he cannot face the pressure to return rural home. The story shows their hope and desperation, happiness and agony.
Director/Editor/Cinematographer: Xin Liu
Composer: Dong Liu
Sound Mixer: Ye Yuan
Assistant: Shujing Wu, Zheng Luo, Wen Xin
Translator: Paul Stephen, Xin Liu
About the Director
Xin Liu, based in New York, was born in China, where she grew up as her country was undergoing rapid urbanization and integrating with the world. Worked as a journalist for BTV, CCTV, Beijing Youth Daily and intern researcher for NYT Shanghai Bureau, she reported social issues and witness human sacrifice under the profoundly changing Chinese society. It inspired her to become a documentary filmmaker and record the changing China.
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