Hiding Out and Holding On

Yalda Mostajeran

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Screens Saturday, February 7 @ 3:45 PM
Laundromats give filmmaker Yalda Mostajeran anxiety. Rude emails can send her into a panic fueled meltdown filled with hyperventilation and nausea. All she does is laugh at the absurdity of it all.
Despite living a relatively peaceful and successful life, Yalda carries an internal shame about her General Anxiety Disorder, one that hinders her from seeking treatment and self-acceptance. Now at the age of 23 she’s determined to understand why she feels ashamed of the label “mentally ill” and how others in her position can rise above the constant self-depredation.
Director, Editor, Camera: Yalda Mostajeran
Music by: Julian Crowhurst
Additional Camera: Rialda Zukic, Brittany Knotts, Richa Sanwal
About the Director
Yalda Mostajeran has been creating and editing various types of video for the past twelve years. Aside from making documentaries in which she has to edit her face for 6+ months she enjoys satire, rap, and clever one liners. Yalda studied political science and film at UCLA and hopes that now since she has completed her master’s at NYU she can pursue more documentaries and avoid a PhD at all costs.
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